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Canada Visa Lottery the truth behind it! See What Works for Immigrants


Canada Visa Lottery the truth behind it! See What Works for Immigrants

Hey! I guess you might be looking for Canada Visa Lottery, Canadian Immigration Program or even Canada green card. It might shock you if I tell that Canada does not have any VISA Lottery program, but that’s true. From the Latest Information gathered from a Private Canada Immigration Agency, Canada has Only Immigration Programs.

Don’t be sad, you’ll glad that at the end of this content, you’ll see alternatives to Canada Visa Lottery Program. I Promise to carefully guide you through the processes required for an easy Migration to Canada.

Canada Visa Lottery 2020

There is nothing like the Canada visa lottery 2020, so beware of scammers. CanadaVisa states that the Government of Canada does not issue visas through a lottery. Be careful not to lose your money to any offline vendor or Agency promising you Canadian VISA. is run by the Canadian immigration law firm Campbell, Cohen, a private company with over 40 years of experience assisting clients who want to immigrate to Canada.

Instead of looking for a Canada visa lottery, why not find out if you are eligible for any of the Canadian immigration programs. There are over 80 Canada immigration programs you can get.

We employ you to sit back and understand how to go about the applications for Canadian Immigration Programs.

DISCLAIMER: World Scholarship Forum has no Affiliation with any Canada Visa Lottery Agency. We are bent on giving the best of Information to our valued Audience. This Content on VISA Lottery is for Information Purposes. We are not in any way issuing visa Lottery to Canada

We have researched that Canada VISA Lottery Has existed over the years but due to the constant Amendment of the Canadian Immigration Laws by the Canada Immigration Commission, anybody coming into Canada must have passed the test by the Canada Immigration.

In an Immigration and VISA Process, you can get a  Permanent Residency Visa, Work Visa, Visit Visa, Student Visa, Work Holiday VISA, Business Visa, etc. Looking for any of these you must have been in the List of 80 Immigration Programmes in Canada.

For these reasons, no Application Path is the same as everybody will be handled differently.

Although Canadian Visa Lottery has a lot of chances for applicants in case you don’t believe in yourself or applicants don’t see Him/Herself making it, but there is nothing like a Canadian visa Lottery 2020.

Some scammers may drop a link for you as Canada visa lottery portal website which when you click will take you to another place entirely.

Canada Immigration Lottery

There are categories of Canada immigration visa programs that you can apply for. The programs to apply for depending on the reason you want to migrate to Canada.

Outside searching for Canada Immigration lottery programs, there are other ways to immigrate to Canada and become either a temporary or permanent citizen of Canada.

As known, Canada welcomes over 300,000 foreign visitors to their country. Immigrants who have job offers from Canadian companies can easily become a permanent residence in Canada.

Which Canadian Immigration Program is best for me?

Due to how unique and Immigration Process can be, one will be left with the question of “Which Immigration Program suits his/her Status? ”

I have at least one year of skilled work experience

This means you’re fit to join the Canadian Labour Market and a contributing member of the Society and the Community you find yourself in Canada. Skilled Worker and Province Nominee Immigration Programmes will increase your points to become responsible citizens of Canada.

I have a post-secondary education

Canada is highly Interested in your Academics as it will help ascertain your employability strength. Immigration Programmes like Province Nominee and Skilled Worker will help add a Score to your Immigration Points.

I have a Canadian job offer

Having a Job that means a certain level of requirements qualifies you for a Canadian Visa easily. You have a Job Offer in Canada means that you have been found Competent to contribute to the progress of Canada as a nation.

A Skilled Worker Direct Entry Program will do and you are up for a Permanent Residency VISA.

I have friends or relatives in Canada

If you have a Close family Member in Canada who requested that you come over to Canada, you’re up for a Family Class Programme.  In another hand, if a  friend invites you over, you have a chance to join the Province Nominee Programme. Your stay will bring growth to your friend’s Community.

I have already worked or studied in Canada

Here a Special offer is given to those who have Worked or Pursued a Degree of any type in Canada. The Offer allows you to share your experience in Canada as a tool to join in the Future that Canada is Buiding.

The Canadian Experience Class and Quebec Experience Class programs offer will give you a permanent Canadian immigration visa.

I have a high net worth or significant financial resources

You have a High Networth or running a Business qualifies you to many Immigration Programmes in Canada. The Idea is that your Wealth will also help Canada Grow in diverse ways. and also your wealth of Business Knowledge will be impacted to well-meaning Canadians.

A Provincial Nominee Programme, an Entrepreneur or Business Investor Programme operated by both Federal and Quebec will be best for you.

I have a business that I own or manage

Your Ownership of a brand and the wealth of Resources Qualifies you to a certain number of Visa and Immigration Programmes.

They Include Provincial Nominee Program Business Immigration streams or for the Business Investor and Entrepreneur programs offered by the governments of Canada and Quebec.

Now, the Ball is now on your court. Make your Choice as I take you into the Journey of the various Immigration Programmes I mentioned in the section above.

List of available Canadian Immigration Programs for you.

Below is a list of available Canadian Immigration Programs that you can go for this year.

  •  Skilled Worker Immigration Program
  •  Family Class Sponsorship
  •  Investors and Entrepreneurs
  •  Canadian Experience Class
  •  Quebec Experience Class
  •  Caregivers Program
  •  Provincial Nominee
  •  Refugees Program

I mentioned earlier about having unique processes on how to get a  Permanent Residency Visa, Work Visa, Visit Visa, Student Visa, Work Holiday VISA, Business Visa. The processes are embedded in the immigration Programme will choose at the end of reading this Content.

#1. Family Class Sponsorship

Many NewComers in Canada and Canadian Citizens will love to see their loved ones join them in Canada. Which Option Can Accommodate this?

I recommend the Family Class Immigration Programme. The Immigration Programme covers for Spouses and Common -law Partners, Parents and Grandparents, and Dependent Children.

#2. Skilled Worker Immigration Program

The Goal of Canada is to have newcomers that will influence their Country positively through their selfless services to the communities they find themselves.

Foreigners in Canada have been described as one of the major backbones to Canada’s economical Strength.

That is why the Canada Skilled Worker Immigration Program grants Permanent Visa allowing the Applicants to move to Canada with their Family.

There majorly two Types of a Skilled Worker Program

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program: The Programme allows Individuals with special Skills to stay in any province in Canada except Quebec.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker: Only Applicants who wish to reside and Work in Quebec can submit.

#3. Investors and Entrepreneurs

With Canada’s Business Class Immigration Programs, Canada aims to reach people who can contribute significantly to the Canadian economy.

This Canadian Immigration Program is offered with the objective of promoting economic development and the improvement of the labor market, attracting investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed from abroad with available venture capital, business vision and entrepreneurial skills.

#4. Canadian Experience Class

With the Canadian Experience Class, you can become a Citizen in less than. This Program is for Persons that have who have spent some time in Canada and you have required skilled experience, good knowledge of English and French.

While he/she is on student or temporary work permit visa can apply under the Canadian Experience class to gain permanent residency in Canada.

Such one can live and Work in Canada, can sponsor Any of the relation to get a Permanent Visa in Canada.

#5. Quebec Experience Class

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) Studying and Working in Quebec is one of the points that qualify you for a Quebec Immigration. The process is a two-step process that interested applicants must take to secure the Visa.

One you must possess the Certificat de sélection du Québec (also known as a Quebec Selection Certificate or “CSQ”)

Once the applicant obtains a CSQ, he or she must then submit an application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for federal approval before the Canadian Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa can be issued.

Federal immigration authorities will primarily be responsible for processing criminal and medical checks.

#6. Caregivers Program

Caregiver Visa is for the individuals who take care of the children, elderly people, physically or mentally challenged people in a private home without any supervision in Canada.

#7. Provincial Nominee

Nominated Provincial Programs (PNPs) allow Canadian provinces and territories to nominate individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and settle in a specific province.

Each province and territory of Canada (except Nunavut and Quebec) has its own Provincial Nominee program. Each PNP has at least one immigration flow consistent with the federal recruitment selection system.

Provincial nominations issued as part of these express inbound flows are called “Advanced Appointments” and give Express Entry applicants an additional 600 CRS (Comprehensive Classification System) points.

With more than 80 immigration flows in the province, it can be challenging to find the most suitable Canadian immigration Finder for you. The Canada PNP Locator is designed to help you find the right permanent immigration residency in Canada and track the latest PNP updates to Canada.

#8. Start-up visa Program

Start-up Visa is a business program developed by the Government of Canada to enable immigrant entrepreneurs to establish a business in the country through experienced private sector organizations with experience working with start-ups.

#9. Refugees Program

Millions of people emigrate to Canada every year after leaving their homeland and homeland. There are several reasons for such immigration, i.e To prevent persecution, war, human rights violations, etc. Such forced immigrants are called refugees. In most cases, these people never come home.

Your commendable initiative on behalf of the Canadian government to receive such large numbers of refugee migrants in your country and to take special care for the appropriate care and resettlement of refugees in Canada.

Canada Green Card Program

The Canada Green Card Membership Program:

We use the “Green Card” term figuratively, in Canada we do not actually use or emit Green Cards. At Canada Green Card, we use this term mostly in comparison to our southern neighbors, the United States of America.

Active CIFA Canada Green Card Member description:

Any participant that has completed the online application and has processed their membership payment. Thus entitling them in the participation of the daily draw and the financial assistance, once selected.

The Canada Green Card program is designed to provide financial aids for assisting their members with their efforts to immigrate and relocate to Canada.

The CIFA Canada Green Card Membership program objectives

  • Provide assistance to all active Green Card members.
  • To randomly select one winner every day.
  • Provide financial assistance to the winners.
  • To assist the lack of skilled workers in the Canadian market.
  • To help CIFA Canada Green Card members to relocate their families and integrate themselves into our Canadian society. Thus allow our economic growth.
  • Assist CIFA Canada Green Card subscribers and their family members to fulfill their dream of living in Canada.
  • Turn dreams into reality.
  • Lastly, to offer a unique chance for each and every individual to immigrate to Canada.
Canada Green Card is willing to make your dreams become reality here’s the Steps:

Stepson how to get Canadian Greaan Card

  1. Become a CIFA Canada Green Cardmember

    To participate, the first step is to complete the green membership application form of the Canada Green Card online. In this form, we require personal, educational and technical information that allows CIFA Canada Green Card to provide an adequate evaluation and service provision. The evaluation also uses immigration eligibility to Canada as evidence.
    Nevertheless, the eligibility assessment of the Canadian green card follows the standards required by the Canadian Immigration Authority. The eligibility evaluation is based on the following criteria:

    a) Age
    b) Education
    c) Language Ability
    d) Adaptability
    e) Lastly, Work Experience

    CIFA Canada Green Card will perform an assessment evaluation and provide you with information on how to qualify for the Canada Green Card Immigration Program.

  2. Submit your passport picture

    You can also send your photo online from your profile or send it by email to
    Photo format: accepts Monochromatic and color images are. The images must be in the original format. Duplication of any kind is not acceptable.

    a) The original digital images can be sent through the online order form.
    b) The image should take on a light white, uniform or light-colored background.
    C) The face should be centered With neutral expression and no smile.
    d) It requires a full frontal view for the subject’s head and shoulders.
    e) Tinted prescription glasses may be worn as long as the eyes are clearly visible.

    Note, False hairpieces or other cosmetic devices are acceptable if they do not disguise the natural appearance of the bearer and are worn habitually.

    Lastly, a photo in which the applicant is wearing a hat or head covering (unless for religious reasons) or anything that interferes with the photo’s value in providing a means of identifying the issue is not acceptable.

  3. Enroll in The financial aid program by activating your account.

    In order to activate your CIFA Canada Green Card membership, a payment of $150 CAD is payable to the Canada Green Card program. Several payment options are available.

Canada Visa Lottery FAQs

Below are some frequent asked questions on Canada Visa Lottery that people normally ask.

How can I apply for Canadian visa lottery 2020?

Below are simple steps to follow to apply for Canada Visa Lottery 2018/2019:

1. Go to Canada Visa Lottery portal.. …
2. Choose Your Evaluation Form.
3. Your Contact Information.
4. Provide your Personal Profile.
5. Your Personal Net Worth, make sure you don’t over or underestimate.
6. Your Language Skills.
7. Your Work History if any.

Is Canadian eligible for green card lottery?

Canadian citizens are eligible for green cards through marriage, family, employment, or investment. U.S. permanent residency allows a Canadian to live, work and reside full-time in the United States.

How can I win the visa lottery?

How to play – and win – the American Visa Lottery

1. How it works. After the entries are sent in, the US Department of State which supervises the Green Card lottery picks a random number of winners, usually more than 50,000. …
2. Apply online. Since DV-2005, the DV lottery is strictly online. …
3.Register early. …
4. Fill out the form completely. …
5. Do not send in multiple entries.

How much is Canada visa fee in Nigeria 2019?

Start-up visa Fees: 1540 $CAN which comprise processing fee (1050 $CAN) and permanent residence right fee (490 $CAN). Including your spouse or partner (without fee for permanent residence right) – 550 $CAN. Including a depended child – 150 $CAN for one child.

Is there anything like Canada visa lottery?

Canada’s immigration system does not work on a visa lottery basis, and visa applicants should not enroll in any scheme advertising visa grants in this manner. … Unlike the United States, Canada’s immigration system does not provide a framework that grants visas based on a lottery system.

Is it easier to migrate to Canada or USA?

A. Contrary to popular opinion, it is much easier to immigrate to Canada than to USA. In general, USA immigration is employment based which means the easiest and fastest way to enter the USA is via a work permit. After that, an applicant can “adjust their status” for permanent residence.

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