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Canada Invites 4,500 Express Entry to Apply for Permanent Residence


Canada Invites 4,500 Express Entry to Apply for Permanent Residence

Canada’s new Express Entry has created a history. Around 4500 Express Entry candidates received invitations to apply for permanent residence in the country. The candidates who scored 471 and above received the invitations recently.

4500 Express Entry Candidates can Apply for Permanent Residence

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, also known as IRCC, has held draws from September 2, 2020, to September 30, 2020. The requirements of the Comprehensive Ranking System were the same, just like last year. The students cracked it and got the opportunity to apply for permanent residence. The IRCC did not have a draw since February 2020 due to the pandemic. Hence when students got the chance, they gave their best efforts.

What is the Express Entry?

Well, Express Entry is nothing but Canada’s immigration application management system for various federal economic-class programs. The different federal programs are the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Federal Skilled Trades Prog
Interested candidates who participate in these programs and a few Provincial Nominee Programs are scored depending on the CRS. Candidates get scores based on various factors such as human capital, language proficiency in French or English, education, work experience, etc.

Candidates who get the highest score get an opportunity to apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence, which is undoubtedly a golden opportunity.  They get this chance in the Express Entry Invitation round. In the recent draw, the IRCC has given this invitation card to 4500 candidates. They can now apply for permanent residence. They are overjoyed.

Canada’s immigration application management system is truly fair and just. It is an impartial system where every candidate gets an equal opportunity to get a decent score. If there is a tie between two candidates regarding score, then the IRCC uses the tie-breaker rule. That helps the IRCC to get a fair chance for the deserving candidate.

Candidates who scored 471 or more in the CRS had to submit their Express Entry profile before September 1, 2020, for receiving an invitation.

In 2020, the CRS had a strict requirement for the candidates. They had to score over and above 470 in all program draws. The Federal Skilled Trades Program sent invitations to trade workers with a score of 415 on September 6, 2020. In the previous Canadian Experience Class, draws dropped into as low as 440. The PNP-only draws have strict eligibility criteria due to a valid reason.

The Express Entry candidates who get a provincial nomination get an extra 600 CRS points automatically. So, this is a big thing for the candidates. Hence the eligibility criteria are also stringent. However, the PNP offers alternative ways to Express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residence with a low CRS score. So, candidates should not be demotivated.

A New Record in the Making

The new draw has created a history in 2020. The IRCC has issued a massive number of ITAs, which comes to around 82,850 in total. The IRCC’s move indicates that they will meet the target of the Federal High Skilled immigration target for March 2021. The total number of ITAs is a sure indication of that. 2020 has created a record in the world in terms of death tolls, unemployment, health hazards, depression, financial loss, etc. Everyone is waiting for the end of this year. However, 2020 has also given a few rewards to all the people. It has created a record for the Express Entry students. According to the records, the IRCC has issued the highest number of ITAs in 2020. That is something unprecedented based on the track record of the last few years.

When Can You Expect to Know about the New Immigration Level?

It is expected that the IRCC will announce the new immigration level by the end of October 2020. So, candidates should keep their fingers crossed and wait for all the news and updates. Canada will announce the new admission targets for immigrants for all classes between 2021 and 2023. These are significant announcements that will help the interested candidates get a sneak peek at how many immigrants will be eligible to get admissions through the Express Entry in 2021.

Who Are Invited This Year Through the Express Entry Program?

Wondering about the candidates who got through the Express Entry program? Well, here are a few people who got through the program and received invitation cards.

The first candidate is Rupert, who is a B.Sc graduate with a work experience of six years in software designing. He got a CLB 9 in English language proficiency. He has already received a job offer as a software designer in New Brunswick. His CRS score is 479, which is just 8 points above the minimum cut off marks.

The second candidate is Jenni, who has work experience in pastry baking. She is a certified baker with a two-year-old postsecondary diploma. She has already worked in the pastry baking industry for the last four years. She has a CLB score of 5 in the English language. She has an excellent CRS score of 827. She did not face any problem in receiving the invitation card.

Jenni and Rupert are just two candidates out of 4200 lucky candidates who received the invitation cards this year. Their qualifications help you to get an idea of how the CRS system works.


Canada is taking a lot of proactive steps to welcome people in the country. That is undoubtedly an exceptional feat as all other countries are coming up with innovative ways to keep immigrants at bay. Apart from issuing the record number of invitations to Express Entry candidates in 2020, they have also introduced a new system where the country’s permanent citizens can sponsor their parents’ and grandparents’ immigration cost. Of course, there are stringent criteria for sponsoring the immigration cost of parents and grandparents. But that is logical. A country should not allow anybody and everybody to reside there. More importantly, what people need to remind themselves is how many countries are coming up with these kinds of initiatives? That is something people must ponder night and day

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