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Learn How To Work As Part Time Housekeeper In Canada | Job Available


Learn How To Work As Part Time Housekeeper In Canada | Job Available

Work As Part Time Housekeeper

General description

Who is a house keeper?

A house keeper can be said to be an individually involved in the management of all the cleaning and arrangement activities in a house. Please note that the word “house” is not limited to a home alone a house can be a hotel, motel or even a company. Generally a building where people live in.

As a per time house keeper, you are not expected to work full time. Your work will be placed on shift. You either work during the morning or during the afternoon. You won’t be allowed to work full time.

House Keeping is the process of managing all the affairs of a home which includes the cleaning and arrangement and also the well-being of the home.

Part Time Housekeeper Job is available

A part time house keeper is needed at various companies and its responsibilities include:

  • Cleaning and arrangement of public areas, residential apartments, homes, including bathrooms, kitchens, furniture’s and other areas.
  • Taking good care of all housekeeping duties including:
  • Distribution of laundries, linens and utensils
  • Management of draperies which involves its replacement and hanging.
  • Changing of beds
  • Arrangement of the public restrooms and management of the supplies
  • Dusting of the furniture’s and cleaning of the equipment’s
  • Polishing of the metalwork’s
  • The house keeper always aims at performing all laundry duties such as:
  • Changing beds
  • Washing and drying of laundries belonging to the residents
  • Folding of laundry articles when necessary
  • Replacing and hanging of draperies
  • He/she will be involved maintaining resident laundry environment such as washing and mopping floors.
  • Ensures that the trash cans and dump sites are always clean
  • Keep the storage utilities in good shape.
  • Keeps the windows and stairs clean at all times.
  • Look after maintenance of equipment’s ad facilities.
  • Cleaning of stock carts and supplies
  • Reports any form of unsafe conditions and related issues to the head of safety.
  • May be assigned other duties in most cases

Qualifications of a house keeper

  1. Must successfully complete any form of program required by the organization. Such programs include safety drills and customer related training programs.
  2. Must be able to operate cleaning and house hold equipment’s such as pressing iron, dryers, sweepers, sterilizers, vacuums etc.
  3. Must be able to work under pressure and at various schedule
  4. Must understand primary domestic language spoken in the environment such as English etc
  5. Must be able to articulate and apply the least sense of reason to various common issues.
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