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Skills Needed For Cleaner Jobs in Canada | Urgently Needed


Skills Needed For Cleaner Jobs in Canada | Urgently Needed

Cleaner jobs– These are jobs available for interested persons, they are in charge of ensuring that the environment at which they work is kept clean and safe for human health and use. Interested persons are expected to have proper understand of hygiene and also human safety and equipment (HSE)


A good opportunity is available for interested and hardworking persons interested in becoming a cleaner to be part of our team at Southbank Education and Training Precinct which provides Faculty Maintenance services to TAFE Queensland Brisbane.

The cleaner is responsible for ensuring the toilets, internal spaces, rooms, corners are all clean and dirts are properly disposed in the waste bins. He/she is also expected to ensure that the campus environment is kept clean. All cleaning staffs are mandated to attend to all emergency cleaning requests from time to time.

Experience needed for cleaner jobs includes:

  • Must have the proper understanding of what hygiene is all about.
  • Must understand basic spoken English language for proper communication with staffs and students
  • Must demonstrate a safe handling and work practice
  • Must be able to ensure a safe environment for the staffs and students of the company
  • Must be able to deliver a high standard of cleanliness
  • Companies in need of cleaners sometimes provide suitable public transport options with both available bus stations and train stations in a far and close working distance.
  • Shifts are also allowed in companies as long as full time night shift (38 hours)

If this position is what you are looking for, kindly use the link below to get other job offers.

Please understand that as a pre-requisite for this job, interested persons may be required to undertake a pre-employment medical, as well as a national police clearance and working with children permit.

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