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Visa Lottery 2021 for green cards: When and how to apply


Visa Lottery 2021 for green cards: When and how to apply

If you wanted to apply for a green card and get an American visa, now is the right time. Recently, under the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, it was announced that over 55,000 immigrant visas are up for grabs in the fiscal year 2021.

You can easily enroll in the program through online forms. It is being called the American visa lottery program as well. The last date for enrolling for the program is on Tuesday, which is December 5, 2020.

You won’t need to go through with your lawyer for any kind of help; the enrolment process is very simple.

Requirements for Eligibility

The eligibility requirements clearly state the people from some specific countries who cannot apply for the program.

Name of the countries whose people cannot apply for the program are – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Haiti, Philippines, Nigeria, South Korea, United Kingdom and Vietnam, AllAfrican Countries can also apply

In addition to this, the applicant must have a working experience of 2 years over the last five years with a job that at least had a training period of 2 years or its equivalent the applicants must at least have a high school diploma.

Dont Be Late

Since this is going to be a lottery system, it is expected that a huge number of people will enrol for the program. That is why the State Department Officials have requested people to no wait for the last minute to enrol for the program.

Do it while you can, because when the high number of requests come in, there may be an issue with the system and it may shut down even before your number arrives. Website delays or server slowdowns are quite common when a huge number of people request for the site to load.

Since there are no paper entries, everyone will have to be doing it online, so do it before you lose your chance. Multiple entries are prohibited.

Last year alone 23 million applications were received for people to immigrate legally to the USA for the year 2020. It is quite expected that the numbers will be higher this year.

Most of the people who won the lotteries were Egyptians and Russians, so good luck to you if you aren’t one of them.

How to Enroll

You can enroll through the official website –

After the enrolment, you will receive a unique registration number which you must keep with yourself in printed form in case you get selected, you will have to show it.

In addition to this, people who are already living in the United States with legal non-immigrant status can apply for the program.

How to Identify if You Have Won

There are simple steps you have to follow to determine whether you have won or not:

1. Check the confirmation number you were allotted after a successful registration.

2. Verify your surname.

3. Enter your birth year with all four digits.

4. An authentication code will flash on the screen.

If you have won the lottery, make it your priority to start preparing for an interview in English.

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