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Invitation Letter To Canada and How to Get Visa Invitation Letter for Canada

Canada Visa

Invitation Letter To Canada and How to Get Visa Invitation Letter for Canada

What is an invitation letter Canada?

In some cases, you may be asked to provide an invitation letter to Canada when you apply for a visa to visit the country. The letter means that you know someone close to you in Canada but it does not guarantee your visa. Your application for a visa will be assessed by immigration officers according to Canada’s immigration law.

Who can send me an invitation letter from Canada?

The person sending you an invitation letter can either be your friend or relative. In all cases, you should definitely choose someone that you know very well. Because an immigration officer will carefully examine your relationship while giving his decision on your application.

In addition, a person who is going to write you a letter of invitation Canada must be either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. While compiling the letter they should include the following information about both you and themselves. Later, when you receive that letter you should include it in your visa application together with all the other documents.

Please note that the visa office issuing your document may ask you to notarize your letter. Therefore, it is better to prepare a notarized copy of your invitation letter to Canada to avoid any delays for your application. Now let’s see how to invite someone to Canada:

What information is required for an invited person?

While writing an invitation letter for you, your friend or relative must include all the necessary information in-depth or detailed as possible to make your application strong and convincing. Inviting persons must include the following information about you:

  • Your credentials

This includes your full name, including middle name(s), if you have any, and your date of birth

  • Your address

S/he must also write down your contact details like your current address where you live, your reachable phone number and any other information available

  • Relationship

The inviting person must include the details of your relationship between him or her and you (main applicant). S/he can note down whether an inviting person is your friend, brother or sister, cousin and etc.

  • The purpose of your trip

Your friend also includes your purpose of visit to Canada sample letter. S/he mentions whether you are coming to Canada regarding tourism, visiting family members or etc.

  • The length of your stay

You should also inform your inviting friend to include the duration of your visit in your invitation letter to Canada.

  • Your place where you will stay

Are you going to stay with your friends? With your family? Or maybe in a hotel? This information is also a necessary part of the invitation letter to visit Canada.

  • Financial situation

How will you pay for things? How are you going to cover your expenses? The invitee needs to mention in the letter of invitation about how the applicant is going to fund his visit to Canada.

  • Your leaving date

Lastly, your friend or relative must also include your leaving date in the letter. S/he should clearly point out the date you are going to return your country.

What information is required about the inviting person in Canada?

The letter of invitation to Canada must also include the details about the inviting person. They must clearly demonstrate every possible information about themselves which can help to solidify your visa application.

  • Their credentials

The invitee starts the letter about his or her details by noting down their complete name, including any middle name(s) if applicable, and as well as their date of birth

  • Their contact information

They must put down their contact details such as, the address that they permanently live in Canada and any reachable phone number.

  • Their occupation

The person who is inviting you to Canada must include information about their job title and their employment

  • Their status in the country

Is your friend a Canadian citizen or permanent resident? This information must be written in the letter. Please note that you can only be invited by the people who are either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident

If these people are Canadian citizens then they must add a photocopy of their Canadian birth certificate or citizenship certificates.

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